Welcome to the world of Utharia! A major continent on a largely unexplored world, there's plenty of drama and excitement to be had within the map's boundaries. Our story begins during a dark time, when an army headed by Chromatic Dragons and led by Kobolds has swarmed over the continent and driven the good peoples of Utharia to the brink of extinction. Well defended capital cities teeming with refugees are only able to feed themselves thanks to the so far untouched farmlands of Tufreth, protected by powerful magic. But the Keep which guards the entrance to the enchanted valley has fallen into enemy hands, and the supplies millions are counting on are now in jeopardy. The Mayor of Tufreth, a powerful Cleric of Bahamut, has called the heroes to retake the Keep and restore food to the masses. Is this the first step in fighting back against the darkness, or a last gasp of the good races before total annihilation? Only one way to find out!

Utharia: The Keep of Tufreth

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